ACCU: CVU magazine 266

Catching up on back copies of ACCU’s CVU magazine, there was plenty of good material in January 2015’s edition.
CVU Jan 2015

  • Simplicity Through Immutability – Chris Oldwood provides a worked example of the benefits of introducing an immutable type. The example is pretty simple, but experience with F# shows that this approach frequently simplifies logic (most of the time without noticeable performance penalties)
  • Delayed Copy Pattern – Vassili Kaplan compares ways to push huge objects into an STL container, with timings showing that a delayed-copy wrapper is comparable in performance to emplace-back (and the wrapper can be used for older compilers)
  • Standards Report – I was particularly taken by Mark Radford’s note on Operator Dot. At first sight, it could be dismissed as a typical C++ programmer’s wish to overload any operator available, which is currently prohibited for operator dot. However, Bjarne Stroustrup himself is named on the paper, and the motivating case is for ‘smart reference’ classes.
  • Scott Meyers Interview – more than just a subtle book plug, gives an insight into Scott’s introduction to programming and C++.

[The links to CVU articles are accessible to ACCU members only]

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