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Book Review: The Panther, Nelson DeMille

The Panther, Nelson DeMilleThis John Corey thriller from Nelson DeMille has all the usual ingredients to make a great read – thrust Corey into a highly pressured world where gun play is the norm; include his wife, the lovely Kate Mayfield, to offset the crass and politically incorrect commentary from Corey; throw in an arch-villain as the nemesis for this adventure; finesse with conspiracy theories regarding Corey’s historical emnity with the CIA. The scene setting in Yemen was vivid and had the hallmarks of DeMille’s attention to detail, and yet, this book over-stayed its welcome by a couple of hundred pages. 20130418-193203.jpg

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Book Review: Night Fall, Nelson DeMille

NightFallThis is another John Corey novel by Nelson DeMille. What I admire about DeMille is that he’s written a couple of brilliant, one-off books set during the Cold War (The Charm School, The Talbot Odyssey) as well as this modern day series about a semi-retired NYPD detective with a sharp, though politically incorrect, sense of humour. This title has many of the signature John Corey features: struggle against the reach and might of the FBI/CIA; grapple with mortal enemy Ted Nash; call on NYPD contacts for off-the-books investigations; act like a jerk but still win the heart of the lovely Kate Mayfield. But it’s also based on a true story, the crash of flight TWA 800, and DeMille handles that with sensitivity whilst telling his own fictional story alongside the true horror of the crash.Four starts

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