Book Review: The Abduction, Mark Gimenez

Another great page-turner from the pen of Mark Gimenez. Whilst he’s written several books featuring Dallas-based lawyer Scott Fenney, this book is about the Brice family and the horrific kidnap of their daughter Grace. Being a keen footballer, Grace was having a great game watched by her father, John. John is a geek who, despite his academic brilliance, feels the need to prove himself – partly to those who bullied him in the past, and particularly to his wife who he fears does not truly love him. For example, even other football dad’s do not believe he is the father of such an athletic daughter. His aim is to float his successful software company for $1 billion, believing that unquestionable wealth will answer any critic. But being distracted by the final details of the deal, he misses the abduction of his daughter after the football match is over.

This book also features John’s hotshot lawyer wife, Elizabeth, and his father Ben, a troubled army veteran. Although estranged, Ben and John join forces to track Grace and in turn, find a deeper appreciation for each other.

Four stars

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