Book Review: Bitcoin Billionaires, Ben Mezrich

I was really surprised that I haven’t reviewed one of Mezrich’s books on this website before. I certainly enjoyed “Bring Down the House” some years ago, but before I began to make notes on books that I’d read (primarily to avoid buying duplicate books!). Perhaps the bigger surprise, though, is the angle that this book takes after the success of Mezrich’s book “The Accidental Billionaires”, which was released in film form as The Social Network. That story leaves the reader in no doubt that the Winklevoss twins were merely taking advantage of their luck in meeting and working with the brilliant Mark Zuckerberg, launching a legal fight against Facebook to take a chunk of the value that Zuckerberg himself had created.

Bitcoin Billionaires continues the story, showing that, in fact, the Winklevoss family combine a strong work ethic with business acumen. If they were really as shallow as the previous story made us believe, they would not have worked so hard in spotting their next investment opportunity in the shape of Bitcoin investments and helping to legitimise Bitcoin in the eyes of the business world. As well as describing the enviable lifestyle of the rich and famous, flitting from party to party, Mezrich tells this tale of redemption and paints a more balanced picture of Zuckerberg’s real character.

Four stars

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