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WordPress App mangles my code!

I’ve noticed that whenever I use the WordPress App on my iPhone or iPad to edit a technical post that includes some code, the snippet I’ve carefully slaved over gets mangled. In particular, anything that uses templates in C++ (or generics in F#) will be affected, for example

vector<int> myData;


vector; myData;

The only answer at the moment is to be disciplined and restrict myself to editing code-based posts in the Web editor, which doesn’t destroy my content.

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iPad Mini wifi and photo issues

I’ve noticed that my new iPad Mini has occasional wifi connectivity issues. Tablet crunch has several suggestions and resetting the network settings after installing the latest iPad OS upgrade has worked for me.

A separate issue is that photos taken from my iPhone are frequently upside-down when viewed on my PC. Rotating them in Windows Explorer doesn’t work – although they are corrected on the PC, they become inverted once copied onto the iPad. Instead, use Microsoft Pro Photo Tools to rotate the pictures on the PC – this results in correctly oriented photos on both the PC and the iPad.

Another tip is to take iPhone photos with the Square button on the right or bottom – that way, photos won’t need to be rotated at all.

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