Book Review: The Gods of Guilt, Michael Connelly

I’ve long been a fan of Michael Connelly – this Micky Haller story (he of Lincoln Lawyer fame) is one of the good ones. We follow the progress of Haller as he attempts to define La Cosse, a techie with a talent for promoting prostitutes online and managing their business. He is charged with the murder of one of his clients – and before long, Haller realises that the victim was one of his own former clients, Gloria Dayton. Despite the conflict of interest, Haller is convinced that La Cosse is innocent and begins his own investigation into the shady past of Dayton and her associates.

Haller faces a tough challenge in this book. He must dig deep into the past to find out the truth of the case where he previously defended Dayton – potentially uncovering dubious practice by the police and also coming into conflict with a violent criminal whom Dayton’s testimony helped to convict. All this while his own daughter gives him the cold shoulder over the nature of his role in defending the (sometimes) indefensible.

Four stars

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