WordPress App mangles my code!

I’ve noticed that whenever I use the WordPress App on my iPhone or iPad to edit a technical post that includes some code, the snippet I’ve carefully slaved over gets mangled. In particular, anything that uses templates in C++ (or generics in F#) will be affected, for example

vector<int> myData;


vector; myData;

The only answer at the moment is to be disciplined and restrict myself to editing code-based posts in the Web editor, which doesn’t destroy my content.

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One response to “WordPress App mangles my code!

  1. Since writing that post, I’ve found that WordPress supports posting source code via shortcodes. See http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/posting-source-code/ Having said that, I think you still have to be careful, some C++ templates, streaming or inclusions got mangled again temporarily, suggesting that it only works in the “Visual” editing mode.

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