How to set up a Raspberry Pi

I’ve got hold of a Raspberry Pi from a mate and am going to have to fun setting it up and learning some Python to write simple programmes on it.  Hopefully, some time down the line I’ll hook up some basic sensors to it and maybe even make my own Scalextric Lap Counter.

  1. Pick an SD card, I found this page useful and chose a 16GB Class 10 SDHC card made by SanDisk.  I was also chuffed to find my trusty Sony Vaio has a slot for SD cards, so I don’t need an external card reader.
  2. Download the disk image.  
  3. Do not just unzip it onto a fresh SD card and assume you’re good to go.  Instead,  unzip it to extract the .img file then download win32diskimager to do the copying onto the SD card.

Meanwhile, this tutorial on Python was useful.

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