Going Native 2013 – Effective C++11/14, Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers presented three guidelines from his upcoming new edition of Effective C++:

  • Understand std::move and std::forward
  • Declare functions noexcept whenever possible
  • Make std::threads unjoinable on all paths

The advice on std::move and std::forward echoes thoughts from Scott’s earlier presentation on Universal References. This time, he also talks about efficiency and points out that some standard library methods (such as std::vector::push_back) won’t move unless it can do so using noexcept methods. This is the motivation for the second guideline to use noexcept whenever possible on these key methods (move operators and swap).

The guideline on std::threads harks back to the ongoing discussions in the standards committee – when a joinable (“running”) thread is destroyed, should it block/detach/terminate. Scott advises to use RAII to force the behaviour that you want, and presents a simple class for that purpose.

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