Book Review: A Wanted Man, Lee Child

A Wanted ManI’d read a few negative reviews of this Jack Reacher thriller before I read the book. I agree that it’s different to the majority of the books in the series: for one thing, the author concentrates on the cerebral side of Reacher’s character and concentrates too much on his exceptional memory for phone numbers and mathematical abilities (these aren’t pertinent to the plot so why keep referring to them?); for another, there’s far less action in this book (usually, Reacher’s run into trouble at a bar within the first few pages, here we’re into the finale before he gets into a fight). It’s not really up to the usual standards, but it’s still a better read than a couple of other books I failed to get into recently.


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2 responses to “Book Review: A Wanted Man, Lee Child

  1. Good to know thank you. Elaine Charles (Book report radio show) introduced me to my first Reacher experience with his latest novel ‘Never go back’, and he’s got me searching for the others now…but I don’t think I can stomach all 17 others in one go – rather me miss out on ones like ‘A Wanted Man”.

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