Book Review: The Third Option, Vince Flynn

This implausible thriller features Mitch Rapp, an assassin who works undercover for the US government, but wishes to retire and settle down with Anna. Anna is the love of his life, a TV news reporter whom he met whilst saving the life of the President, in a previous adventure.

Mitch is assigned one last job – to assassinate an arms dealer who has broken sanctions by selling to terrorists. Mitch (aka “Iron Man” because he’s invincible) is the Third Option – when the government sees that diplomacy has failed and military action is not viable, they turn to him. The job goes smoothly – that is, until Mitch is shot by one of his own team, a double agent working for a shadowy figure who wishes to discredit the President. Apparently, an undercover operation like this blowing up in a foreign country would be enough to destabilise the leadership of the CIA, leaving the door open for a Presidential bid.

Mitch hooks up with a team to track down the traitor and exact revenge. A counter-team is also assigned by the shadowy figure to track down the traitors and eliminate them before Mitch finds them (otherwise, they might talk, you see). And another lone assassin (a top European model no less) is engaged to terminate the leader of the counter-team. Seriously.

Three stars

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