C++14 Language Extensions

Whilst reading Scott Meyers’ Effective Modern C++, I was looking for some clarification on ‘generalised lambda capture’ and came across this C++ 14 feature list. It was interesting to compare to the list of expected features that Bjarne Stroustrup presented at the ACCU 2013 conference – he described all of the following, which made it into C++14:

  • Generalised return type deduction for normal functions, not just lambdas
  • Generic (polymorphic) lambdas
  • Generalised constexpr functions (listed as Extended constexpt on the feature list)
  • Binary Literals
  • Digit Separators
  • Deprecated Attribute

However, this one appears not to have made the cut:

  • Runtime-sized arrays

This would be a great new feature and I blogged about it at the time – but it appears the work has stalled.

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