Book Review: The Centauri Device, M. John Harrison

The Centauri DeviceThis book is part of the Science Fiction MasterWorks series, which hints at its pedigree, although the series covers a broad range of SciFi styles. This one tells of adventures in space, where we follow the trail of John Truck and his ship the My Ella Speed.

I loved reading this book: it frequently has sentences that are so well written, you have to stop to read them again. Delicious writing to be savoured, certainly not a book that you can devour in a single sitting. I didn’t particularly warm to John Truck, he seems to be a character to whom things happen and usually go wrong, he just goes with the flow that frequently gets him into trouble. Maybe it’s his habit of getting everyone around him into trouble (or killed) that’s unsympathetic! It’s the bigger picture that’s so brilliant, the imagination and audacity of the chapters about “The Interstellar Anarchist, an Aesthetic Adventure” are epic.
Five Stars

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