cpplinq – functional style for C++ using lambdas

I’ve just tried out CppLinq, a C++11 library that brings LINQ-style syntax into scope for C++ programmers that are used to writing code in a functional style. I’ve been using C++11 lambdas with STL algorithms like foreach, transform, accumulate – but this syntax using where, for_each, sum and ‘>>’ to chain commands together is so much neater. In fact, it brings C++11 style very close to the succinct F# piping style that is so popular.

To use cpplinq, you can just download a single header file and include it in your code. Awesome – having just battled for hours to use some other 3rd party library which required multiple libs, source files and compiler switches, this is so easy by comparison.

This Dr Dobbs article has several code examples which act as an simple tutorial.

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