Programming C++ on Linux Mint

First of all, let me say how easy it was to install CodeBlocks and CodeLite on Linux Mint using the Software Manager.  The user guide makes a terrific case for the Linux package management approach, but putting this UI on top (instead of using the command line as I was in Kubuntu) takes it to the next level.  For a start, it’s browsable and you can read reviews from other users.  I’ve installed CodeBlocks, CodeLite and g++.  I really like the way that the sections in Software Manager match the groupings from the start menu (so that my programming related applications are together and easily visible).

First impressions – not bad, it detected that I wanted to use gcc as my compiler.  I created a simple Hello World project and it compiled first time.  When I tried to add C++11 features, I got compile errors – but those were resolved by editing the Project build options and enabling “Have g++ follow the coming C++0x ISO C++ language standard”, i.e. -std=c++0x.  I rather like this dialog – it offers other useful compiler options too like “-Weffc++” to turn on Effective C++ warnings, with each compiler flag neatly explained.  As soon as I’d enabled -std=c++0x, the lambda and auto that I’d added compiled and ran just fine.


Oh dear.  Firstly, it offered to download a new version of CodeLite for me.  Given that I only just did it in Software Manager, that seemed a bit odd.  Next, I tried to create a new workspace – it crashed.  I tried to open the workspace it had created – crashed again.  This is probably because Software Manager needs to be updated to download the latest version, but I’ve uninstalled it for now.

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