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Lessons on hiring

Good article about an unexpected problem from hiring too many B-players in your firm. Here are the author’s definitions:

A player: Fully self-sufficient and takes initiative that positively impacts the company.
B player: Does some things well, but not fully self-sufficient, and not consistently strong.
C player: Just average, and does not excel in any area.
D player: Poor performer, and shouldn’t last long if you are a half-capable manager.
F player: Should be out…like yesterday.

Here’s the problem with B-players, the inconsistency catches you by surprise the first time, so then they need careful monitoring – something you don’t have time to do.

When you have someone on your team that you think is doing well enough, you will likely trust them with mission-critical tasks like hiring or pushing code. This will impact the entire evolution of your company. If you entrust important decisions to someone who is just “good enough,” you will watch the opportunities pass.

The author claims that a star engineer isn’t just worth 10x the average, s/he is irreplaceable by any number of lower quality people.

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