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Swift: Tutorial

swiftHaving recently purchased an Apple Watch, I’ve decided to learn Swift so that I can write a couple of Apps. So far, I’ve been very impressed with the language.

Here’s the link to the tutorial.

However, I’m completely bemused by the rules for named parameters. Unlike in F#, which optionally supports named parameters in calls to function if you want to use them, Swift 2.0 enforces that you must use them (except where you mustn’t, like the first parameter in the call). Seriously? I understand that, for functions with multiple parameters of the same type, it can be helpful to name the parameters – but making that a requirement on every call will seriously reduce productivity. ¬†And what about refactoring – if I change the name of a parameter, will I have to change its name at all call sites as well?

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Apple Watch – awesome charger for UK

Apparently, the Apple Watch has a foldable charger in the UK. If this is it, it’s certainly innovative and begs the question why no one else has put a slimmer design on the market.


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Apple Watch – the new old watch

Apple have finally announced the Apple Watch. Based on the publicity photographs and rushed reviews that have been published so far, I’m a fan and will probably buy one. But it struck me that the grand new innovation, the Digital Crown, is hardly ground-breaking – my current Tissot watch has had it for ten years!
Tissot classicApple Watch

You see, the functions on my classic Tissot watch are entirely driven by the bezel. As well as the analogue time, it has a stopwatch, timer and digital date/time display.
The bezel acts in several modes:

  • Rotate slowly to change hours
  • Rotate quickly to change minutes
  • Press to start/stop timer or stopwatch
  • Pull out to change the time

What’s really clever is that, when the digital functions are hidden, the watch looks completely analogue. And the bezel reacts according to mode – it only bleeps when you press in stopwatch/timer mode, and ignores the press otherwise.

So whilst the Apple Watch is my next watch, my classic Tissot watch was there first.

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iWatch rumours

I wonder if Apple realise just how much expectations are mounting regarding the launch of an iWatch? When I first heard about it, I loved the idea and the prospect without having a clue what it would do (a bit like the daughter of a colleague who asked for an iPod for Christmas and when he asked what she would use it for replied: “I dunno, I just want one”).

Now, a few months on, my expectations are higher. I want it to look like this:


And I want it to monitor my health and fitness, act as a heart rate monitor at the gym so I can exercise optimally, measure my activity during the day like a Nike fuel band, and interface to Google maps so that I can glance at my watch for directions instead of walking along holding out my smart phone.

Maybe all of these expectations will be off the mark – in which case, someone else will benefit from all the marketing that’s going on and Apple will lose out.

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Apple SmartWatch – yes please!

When I awoke this morning, I didn’t know that I wanted a smart watch. Having read this article, though, I’ve realised my set of gadgetry won’t be complete until I get one. The reviews of the currently available smart watches weren’t very complimentary, so I’ll wait to see what Apple come up with.

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iPad Mini wifi and photo issues

I’ve noticed that my new iPad Mini has occasional wifi connectivity issues. Tablet crunch has several suggestions and resetting the network settings after installing the latest iPad OS upgrade has worked for me.

A separate issue is that photos taken from my iPhone are frequently upside-down when viewed on my PC. Rotating them in Windows Explorer doesn’t work – although they are corrected on the PC, they become inverted once copied onto the iPad. Instead, use Microsoft Pro Photo Tools to rotate the pictures on the PC – this results in correctly oriented photos on both the PC and the iPad.

Another tip is to take iPhone photos with the Square button on the right or bottom – that way, photos won’t need to be rotated at all.

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iPhone tricks

I recently found out that you can zoom in on an iPhone camera by pinching the picture and you can take a screen shot by pressing Square + Power together:


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