iWatch rumours

I wonder if Apple realise just how much expectations are mounting regarding the launch of an iWatch? When I first heard about it, I loved the idea and the prospect without having a clue what it would do (a bit like the daughter of a colleague who asked for an iPod for Christmas and when he asked what she would use it for replied: “I dunno, I just want one”).

Now, a few months on, my expectations are higher. I want it to look like this:


And I want it to monitor my health and fitness, act as a heart rate monitor at the gym so I can exercise optimally, measure my activity during the day like a Nike fuel band, and interface to Google maps so that I can glance at my watch for directions instead of walking along holding out my smart phone.

Maybe all of these expectations will be off the mark – in which case, someone else will benefit from all the marketing that’s going on and Apple will lose out.

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