How to use the Digital Crown in a Watch Face App

I’ve written before that, having lived with the Apple Watch for a while, I felt the watch faces lacked variety. So, I wrote a watch face app, which I now use for the majority of the time.

For my next watch face, I thought it would be pretty cool to recreate the look of my beloved Tissot watch. One of its best features is that extra functionality is controlled by twisting/pressing the bezel. It supports date/time/stopwatch/timer – or you can hide the digital display altogether. Although WatchKit doesn’t allow you to capture a button press, you can use the digital crown to scroll between choices – so I thought I’d offer a couple of date formats as well as the option to hide the date altogether. tissot

Add a Picker control onto your storyboard and connect it to a WKInterfacePicker in your InterfaceController. There are a number of styles that you can choose, but for my purposes, I chose the default List style:
Then it’s a matter of populating the picker’s list of items – for example, this code could go in function awake(withContext):

            let blankLine = WKPickerItem()
            blankLine.title = ""
            let currentDate = Date()
            let dayDateMonthLine = WKPickerItem()
            dayDateMonthLine.title = "\(currentDate.dayOfWeek()) \(currentDate.dayOfMonth()) \(currentDate.monthAsString())"
            let dateMonthYearLine = WKPickerItem()
            dateMonthYearLine.title = "\(currentDate.dayOfMonth()) \(currentDate.monthAsString()) \(currentDate.year())"
            InfoPicker.setHidden( false )
            InfoPicker.setItems( [ blankLine, dayDateMonthLine, dateMonthYearLine, blankLine ] )

I set the focus on the picker so that the digital crown is immediately responsive (otherwise, you’d have to select the picker first on the touch screen). I also put a blank line before and after the date formats, to make the usage more natural. The code above also uses some extension methods on Date.

Tissot style watch face

Seeing how good this looks, I think Apple are missing a trick. All of their analogue Apple Watch faces are round – I hope they ship a couple of rectangular faces in the next Watch OS upgrade.


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2 responses to “How to use the Digital Crown in a Watch Face App

  1. could you please post the code for the watch app? i cant figure out how to get it to draw the hands

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