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Herb Sutter blogged about the Oulo ISO C++ meeting. There’s a link to an interview he did for the excellent CppCast podcast and also to a reddit post on features approved at the meeting.

As Herb called out in the interview, I think the following two features will be widely used:
Structured Bindings
This is interesting because I’ve been using the std::tie syntax for a while, despite the clumsiness when you need to introduce new variables to take the return types (leaving them uninitialised until assignment). The proposal above avoids that problem.

tuple<T1,T2,T3> f(/*...*/) { /*...*/ return {a,b,c}; }

T1 x;
T2 y;
T3 z;
std::tie( x, y, z ) = f();

auto [x,y,z] = f(); // x has type T1, y has type T2, z has type T3

Initialisation clause for if and switch
This proposal makes if/switch more consistent with for loops that allow separate initialisation/increment clauses as well as a condition. So now you can initialise a variable separately from the if condition, which also allows you to limit the scope of that variable.

status_code c = bar();     
if (c != SUCCESS) 
    return c;     

if (status_code c = bar(); c != SUCCESS) 
  return c;   

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