IET Meetup: Turing Lecture 2016, The Internet of Me, Robert Schukai

IETLogoThis years Prestige Turing Lecture was given by Robert Schukai, Head of Applied Innovation for Thomson Reuters.

TuringTrustAn opening address was given by the great nephew of Alan Turing, on behalf of This organisation builds on the legacy of Turing by distributing pre-owned computing equipment, both in the UK and particularly to schools in Africa who have no facilities.

The lecture hall was completely sold out for this talk and the speaker lived up to his billing, giving a mixed media presentation with great passion and insight. He took the audience on a journey from the introduction and incredible growth of mobile technology, both in terms of number of users, speed of data transfer, and bulk of data stored annually. Then he showed that, with the advent of new applications such as Genomic Profiling, and/or the Internet of Things, today’s data footprint will be blitzed by that of the future.

He introduced Cognitive Computing by way of IBM’s Jon Iwata talking about Watson and Robert Schukaithen illustrated the rate of progress of Artificial Intelligence with reference to Google’s Deep Learning having mastered the game Go a full decade earlier than predicted.

Schukai’s vision for the near future is of “DayFlow“, a seamless user experience where their needs are met across devices, throughout the day, with content being proactively displayed just as the user needs it.

I suspect my iPhone is already there – it volunteers the Bus Timetable app first thing in the morning, just as I’m ready to leave for work.

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