ACCU: Overload 127 (June 2015)

Overload127CoverCatching up on back issues of ACCU’s Overload magazine from June 2015, a couple of articles are worth mentioning for future reference:

  • Terse Exception Messages by Chris Oldwood.  Here,  Chris relates his experience of unnecessarily long debugging sessions due to limited error information in exception messages.  Often, this is due to laziness on the part of the programmer, sometimes because they expect to refactor a block of code soon and will come back to “do the error handling later” – then the refactoring never happens.  I see this as a false economy – even during unit testing, having proper error messages in exceptions can speed up your own debugging.
  • Get Debugging Better by Jonathan Wakely.  Here, Jonathan lists a few tips for using GDB effectively, aimed at programmers like me who typically use an IDE.

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