Tutorial: Writing your first iOS App

I’ve finished working through this excellent introduction to writing iOS apps. Having written step-by-step guides for developers learning new software myself, it’s clear just how much work has gone into this guide to make it accurate as well as useful and informative.

  • Having never used Xcode before, the guide did a good job of introducing the development environment and showing the workflow and how to manipulate the various views
  • The FoodTracker application itself covers quite a few techniques – it’s a shame that some of the early lessons are later deleted as the app is built, but it’s a trade-off to get something to run quickly
  • The frameworks clearly do much of the heavy-lifting. This reminds me of writing user interfaces in versions of Visual Basic – you didn’t need to know much of VB as a language, it was more about leveraging the tools to get a result
  • Swift is very concise, parameter syntax takes some getting used to (some parameters have both external and internal names, which is esoteric) but even the passing parameters by name is starting to grow on me.
  • It’s very cool that unit testing is integrated in the dev tools – I’m sure I’ll be writing plenty of tests against my data model when I work on this for real.

I have a couple of ideas for apps that I’d like to write for my new Apple Watch, so next I’m looking to try a tutorial specifically for a Watch app.

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