Bjarne Stroustrup: Five Popular Myths about C++

Catching up on my C++ reading, I read through Bjarne Stroustrup’s 5 Popular Myths about C++ and why he believes they are wrong:

  1. To understand C++, you must first learn C
  2. C++ is an Object-Oriented Language
  3. For reliable software, you need Garbage Collection
  4. For efficiency, you must write low-level code
  5. C++ is for large, complicated, programs only

Worth reading for the surprising amount of hostility he reports to these arguments, which on the face of it I thought were pretty reasonable.

The comments prove yet again that the “Myths” paper was needed. People keep repeating the old hairy rationalizations. Unfortunately, many programmers don’t read long papers and dismiss short ones for being incomplete. The unwillingness of many programmers to read a long paper was the reason I released this paper in three separate parts.

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