Heart rhythm-based Password Band

Gigaom reports that Bionym have begun shipping its heart-rhythm-based password band to developers.

A day is nearing where you will be able to open a door or access your laptop based on your unique heart rhythm. Bionym, maker of the Nymi wristband, began shipping units to developers today so they can create applications for the unusual password system. Bionym originally intended to ship the bands to consumers earlier this year, but has been delayed.

There’s a video accompanying the announcement – what really interested me isn’t just the claim that heart-rhythm is individual enough to be used as a secure identifier. It’s also that they see the wrist band being used to interact with devices via gestures – in the video, “Steve” opens his car boot and car door with gestures, and also interacts with the computer in his hotel room via the wrist band:


Whilst 3D body gestures are unlikely to have the granularity of a mouse or stylus, it’s interesting to combine identification and interaction in this way.

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