Book Review: The Reversal, Michael Connelly

20140921-105043.jpgThe other day I watched The Lincoln Lawyer, featuring main character Micky Haller as a defence lawyer. I’d read the book long ago and hadn’t realised that Michael Connelly wrote about a second character (having read several Harry Bosch books). Better still, Haller and Bosch are half-brothers and both feature in this book.

The plot is that Haller is asked to appear as an independent prosecutor in an unusual case – a man found guilty 24 years ago faces a re-trial following some new evidence. Haller appoints his ex-wife as co-counsel (yes, really) and Harry Bosch as his investigator. I found it interesting how chapters written in the first person are told from Haller’s point of view, whereas other chapters are narrated in the third person, typically when describing action concerning Harry Bosch. Of course, in Harry Bosch thrillers, his own chapters are in the first person, so it’s clear the focus is on Micky Haller in this one.

I enjoyed this book – the blurb on the cover referred to the threat to Bosch and Haller’s own families which I didn’t think was explored as much as it could have been, but otherwise it was a good read.


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