How to Integrate GTest into Visual Studio 2010

I’m using GTest for C++ unit tests and have found a neat way to integrate this into Visual Studio 2010. It’s very low-tech, but works pretty well – see

  • Go to Tools | External Tools… to add the command line running your GTest executable
  • In the dialog, browse to your command, add the command line arguments, and be sure to select “Use Output window”
  • Count up the external tools to identify the index of your new one (starting at one, not zero)
  • Create/customize a toolbar – click “Add Command” and pick your new tool under category Tools, External Commands 1,2,3 … n
  • Edit the name using “Modify Selection”

That’s it! Now, your command runs inside Visual Studio and writes into the output window. Even better, if there’s a test failure that includes the source location, you can double-click on it to go to that line in the editor.

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