Book Review: The Governor’s Wife, Mark Gimenez


Initially, I was concerned that this book was going to be a bit dull – it starts with a lot of scene setting about American politics and there’s much coverage of the history/geography of the border with Mexico. Having read the book, I totally forgive the author for spending the time to introduce the reader to these matters – it brings realism to the motivations and main characters: the Governor, the Mexican doctor and the bandit (El Diablo). Interesting that the title is The Governor’s Wife – she’s the focal point of the plot, but not necessarily involved in much of the story line.

It’s a terrific book. The action sequence at the end that brings together the three male protaganists is on a par with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, yet his handling of the journey taken by the Governor and his change of outlook is sensitively written. He gives great colour to even minor roles – if a film is made of this book, I bet many stars will covet the role of the political advisor to the Governor.

Definitely worth reading – I’m looking forward to another by Mark Gimenez.


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