Stephan Lavavej’s make_unique proposal

Stephan Lavavej has submitted a proposal to the C++ Standards committee for make_unique (the std::unique_ptr equivalent to std::make_shared for std::shared_ptr).

make_unique’s presence in the Standard Library will have several wonderful consequences. It will be possible to teach users “never say new/delete /new[]/delete[]” without disclaimers. Additionally, make_unique shares two advantages with make_shared (excluding the third advantage, increased efficiency). First, unique_ptr<LongTypeName> up(new LongTypeName(args)) must mention LongTypeName twice, while auto up = make_unique<LongTypeName>(args) mentions it once. Second, make_unique prevents the unspecified-evaluation-order leak triggered by expressions like foo(unique_ptr<X>(new X), unique_ptr<Y>(new Y)). (Following the advice “never say new” is simpler than “never say new, unless you immediately give it to a named unique_ptr”.)

It’s a really useful utility as demonstrated in this video.

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