Choosing a new brand of Linux

I started trying to upgrade my Kubuntu installation so that I could use gcc 4.7 and test the portability of some C++11 code I’ve been writing. So far, it’s not good news – despite having upgraded gcc and Eclipse, the standard library hasn’t upgraded (/usr/lib/c++ only contains 4.6) and trying to install libstdc++ results in obscure error messages.

So the time has come to try a new Linux distribution. Going back a year or so, installing Kubuntu was a chore – my Vaio laptop’s graphics driver wasn’t recognised and I recall making some low-level changes to get it working. Therefore, my main priority is to pick a Linux distribution with easy installation and that hints at good hardware support.

This article talks about Fedora, Mint and Bodhi. Funny that this could be a case of ‘better the devil you know’ – I know an Ubuntu derivative was a pain last time, but at least I did find examples of other people having the same issue as me! I’d never heard of Bodhi before, but it sounds ideal – very fast to install and is an Ubuntu derivative so should support my Vaio hardware.

As for an IDE, I was never very impressed with Eclipse, so I’ll try something else. Each of Codeblocks, NetBeans and CodeLite get good comments.

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