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Alexandrescu Video – Three Optimization Tips for C++

Andrei Alexandrescu gave this talk on optimization tips for C++. He claims you should aim to:

  • Measure performance against a baseline
  • Choose algorithms that use the least heavyweight operations
  • Reduce array writes

The slides are also available.

Measuring gives you a leg up on experts who don’t need to measure

He also presents a handy ordering of different integral/floating point operations in terms of cost. The techniques (which he has internalised to give a gut feel of whether some improvement will produce a speed-up) are illustrated with a classic interview question (convert an integer to ascii) that is heavily used at Facebook.

The underlying message of this presentation is that the cost of one engineer spending time producing some pretty esoteric code with massive performance benefits is more than outweighed by the savings in terms of data centre costs (due to improved speed, you can scale back spend on servers).

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Herb Sutter Video – C++ Concurrency

Another excellent video from Herb Sutter, this time on C++ Concurrency. The Monitor class is based on his Wrapper pattern
and allows the caller to group related calls into a transaction, with synchronisation supplied via a mutex.
The Concurrent class replaces the mutex with a concurrent_queue to avoid the caller blocking whilst the tasks complete.
What’s especially elegant is ~Concurrent which pushes a done function onto message queue in order to signal not to wait for any more tasks (the concurrent_queue.pop() is assumed to wait until the next task is pushed). The done data member is not required to be atomic because it is only mutated on the worker thread, never on the calling thread.

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Pop-up buttons for flat screen technology

TechCrunch broadcast an interview with Tactus, the company behind an innovation to bring transient pop-up buttons to flat screen devises.

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Herb Sutter Video – You think you know Const and Mutable

Herb Sutter has published his C++ and Beyond talk on Const and Mutable in C++ 11.




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The Future of Life – from Biology to the Biosphere

I was fortunate to attend this excellent presentation by Stephen Emmott at the Institute of Engineering and Technology, London in December. They’ve now made the video available:

The Future of Life: From Biology to the Biosphere

Stephen Emmott

The Future of Life Evening Lecture,
From Savoy Place, the London home of the IET
12 December 2012, London, UK

2012-12-13 00:00:00.0 IT Channel

>;>; go to webcast>;>; recommend to friend

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Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box

HFT Review publicized this excellent video by Marije Meerman on the flash crash:

In her latest film ‘Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box’ she continues this format, talking of High Frequency Trading and the ‘Flash Crash’ of 6th May 2010 through the eyes of the regulators and market participants.

Paul Wilmott is one of the contributors.

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Introduction to Modern C++ Techniques

Excellent tutorial on a selection of Modern C++ techniques by Michael Caisse.

Topics include:
Policy Based Design
Tag Dispatching
Curious Recurring Template Pattern

This is a two part video series:

and with slides.

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Stephan Lavavej Video – VS2012 C++ November CTP

Introductory video on the Visual Studio 2012 C++ Compiler November CTP (download the CTP here):

A special episode in which Stephan takes a look at the latest C++11 features that were just added to the Visual C++ compiler:

Variadic templates
Raw string literals
Explicit conversion operators
Default template arguments for function templates
Delegating constructors
Uniform initialization

Click to watch the video

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Herb Sutter Video – (Not your Father’s) C++

Another MSDN Channel 9 video from Herb Sutter:

What makes ISO C++11 “feel like a new language”? What things that we know about past C++ do we need to unlearn? Why is C++ designed the way it is – historically, and in C++11? Finally, what is the difference between managed and native languages anyway, and when is each applicable? This talk gives an overview and motivation of modern C++ and why it’s clean, safe, and fast – as clean to code in and as type-safe as any modern language, and more than ever the king of “fast.”

Click to watch the video.

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