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Guru of the Week restarting from Item 1

Herb Sutter is reviewing his Guru of the Week series from item one, in the light of features in C++11 and C++14. This will form the backbone of a new issue of Exceptional C++.

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C++14: Runtime-sized arrays

More details on the ISO C++ blog about runtime-sized arrays in C++14.

N3639 proposes to add local runtime-sized arrays with automatic storage duration to C++, for example:

void f(std::size_t n)
int a[n];
for (std::size_t i = 0; i < n; ++i)
a[i] = 2*i;
std::sort(a, a+n);

Traditionally, the array bound ā€œnā€ had to be a constant expression.


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ISO C++ Spring 2013 Report

Herb Sutter has posted his trip report from the ISO C++ Spring 2013 meeting in Bristol.

The post includes details on features to be included in C++14, including:

  • std::make_unique – never use “new” again
  • Generic lambdas – allow auto for type name in lambdas
  • Dynamic arrays – stack-based arrays can take size parameter at runtime
  • std::optional – for variables that are ‘not set’ (like F# option)
  • Concepts lite – constraints for templates

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